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Use our historical football match/results data to create your own profitable system. Noticed a mistake? Drop us a line using the contact form.

As of 6th March 2019 no further data will be added here. Historical data will remain so that it can still be analysed. Thanks for using rdata!

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Results 06-03-2015 to 22-12-2018

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Open Balance Date Country League * Matches (H/A) Home Away Stake SP Score Res Balance


Final Balance (Start:500) Min Balance Max Balance Max Stake Total Bets Total Stake Win Rate (%) ROI (%)
1,140.00 (+640.00) 500.00 1,140.00 100.00 7 700.00 100.00 91.43
Longest Winning Streak :: 7 Longest Losing Streak :: 0
Year Bets Start Bank End Bank Profit / Loss
2015 0 500.00 -500.00
2016 0 500.00 -500.00
2017 0 500.00 -500.00
2018 7 500.00 1,140.00 640.00


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Selection Analysis

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Country League Wins Losses Win Rate (%)
Portugal Primiera 3 0 100.00
Portugal Segunda 2 0 100.00
England Championship 1 0 100.00
France Ligue 1 1 0 100.00

League Position Difference (Negative = Away Team is higher than the Home Team) Wins Losses Win Rate (%)
-8 7 0 100.00

* Most links should take you straight to the Google league table but some won't, in which case, you'll see Google search results for the home team.
** Matches played (post 10th Aug 2018) is a calculation based on several pieces of data we hold about the league and WILL NOT always be accurate. It is the approximate number of matches played up until the date of the match. Before 10th August the data is correct based on actual league tables.